AM Appliances FAQ’s


Frequently asked questions.

Q. Do you charge a “Call-Out” Fee?
A. Yes, all our charges are listed on our charges page.

Q. Is there a 2nd call out fee to return to fit parts if you haven’t got them?
A. No, there is only one call out fee and that includes one hour of labour, its a
    Continuation of time, e.g. if your first visit is 30 minutes, then you still have 30
    Minutes of labour remaining on our return visit, if it goes over one hour, then it
    Is charged at £20 per 30 minutes (or part of) thereafter.

Q. Is your work guaranteed?
A. Yes, all work i carry out is guaranteed for 30 days

Q. My appliance has gone wrong within 30 days with a different fault, is there another
    call out fee?

A. Yes, if it is a different fault, there will be the standard call out fee

Q. Do you offer free estimates?
A. No, If i come to visit, there will be the standard call out fee, but i can try to give
    estimates over the phone.

Q. Do you supply and fit new appliances?
A. No, i only repair appliances, but i can give you advice of where to purchase from.

Terms and Conditions

1.  The call-out fee is payable on the day of the visit, we do not leave an invoice for later payment (unless Prior arrangement has been made)